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We work collaboratively with our clients throughout the design process, to ensure the best solutions are found every time. Our core philosophy is to offer our clients a “no hassles” approach. This means you can hand over your toughest engineering problems to us and relax, knowing we will find the right solution.

We also appreciate our clients want certainty regarding costs and deadlines, so we provide a detailed scope of work with fixed sum costs and an agreed deliverable date.

Our clients appreciate the fact we are easily accessible and responsive to their needs. Because we work closely as a team it means more than one person can respond to your queries.

Our Services

New Buildings         

Residential, Mixed-use, Commercial, Ware house, Schools, Religious Buildings, Hospitals & hotels.

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Existing house, warehouse, hotels, commercial, religious, schools, hospital building renovations

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Façade Inspections

Brick façade, glass façade, stone façade, acp cladding inspections for different purposes.

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Retaining Walls                                       

Reinforced Concrete walls, Diaphragm Walls, Gravity Large Blocks, Rock Anchoring, Soldier pile . 

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Forensic Engineering                    

Collecting forensic evidence using scientific and engineering knowledge to determine the cause of structural failure

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Reber / Steel Shop Drawings

Steel Shop Drawings , Rebar Shop Drawings  

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Steel Connections

Shear connections, Moment Connections, Brace Connections, Base plate , Anchors

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Existing House, Existing Buildings, Existing Warehouse, Fire Escape, Fire damage Inspection

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Peer Reviews

Highrise Buildings, low rise, midrise buildings, Hotel buildings, Religious buildings

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Value Engineering

Highrise Buildings, low rise, midrise buildings, Hotel buildings, Religious buildings

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BIM Services                

Architectural , Structural Coordination using REVIT

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MEPF Services

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire Sprinkler, Fire Alarm

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Exterior Design
Modern Furniture
Apartment Renovation
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